Artec by Loreal penetrates immediately into the areas of moisture loss and damage to restore hair's natural elasticity. This instant-action, detangling shine formula leaves hair with weightless, full bodied, natural texture. L'Oreal Artec hair care utilizes a haircolor fade prevention system to hold the color deposit.

Kenra has been developing and researching the finest hair products for the past 50 years in their own facilities and laboratories using only the finest ingredients. Kenra shampoos have the same low pH level as the acid mantle of the hair and scalp. Ingredients in Kenra shampoos are milder on the skin, hair and scalp than most other brands, to create healthy, damage-free hair. Kenra hair products are distinguished by premium, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and by extraordinary performance.

For the past two decades, Nioxin has dedicated extensive research to the complex problem of thinning hair. Millions of people around the world have turned to Nioxin hair products for the solution. Through an advanced technological breakthrough, Nioxin has the natural solution for fine and thinning hair. With the Nioxin Thinning Hiar System, a process is created where an optimum scalp and hair environment for all hair types is maintained to improve the appearance of thinning and fine hair.

The Paul Mitchell system - cleanse, condition, style and finish is designed to accomodate the needs of all hair types. With a diverse range of Paul Mitchell products to choose from, hairdressers can recommend the right combination of products customized to fit salon clients' unique and individual needs.